Foot-to-Face (Julianne Ess) is a multimedia artist who documents and explores internal apocalypses, the fragility of personal relationships, and the necessity of creative expression for collective growth. Her art takes the form of collages, zines, stop-motion animations, paintings, and films, most often combining magazine cut-outs or painted silhouettes with collage poetry to drive an anti-slice-of-life narrative. She can be found at various fairs and markets selling hand-screenprinted guillotine tees, which are also available through her online shop. Originally from Winnipeg, she’s currently based in Toronto.

She is also a DJ (DJ Foot-to-Face), playing tracks in favour of the danceable, emotional, playful, and punk-spirited, with special preference for new wave, disco, house and electro-pop. She is available for weddings, gigs, openings, private parties, or anywhere else you want your friends to feel free to be themselves and dance their hearts out.

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